Gudbrandsdalen and the Fredrikstad area Norsk versjon

Paul Olsen moved to Djupvik, Kåfjord municipality in Troms, and found his wife there. They got many children, among them my grand mother Ida.

My mothers family is from the Fredrikstad area in Østfold. She is born and grew up at the Høyum farm, not far from the Korseberg farm where I am born and grown.

The site is diveded in three main sections: 1. Where our ancestors came from (Bredebygden, Sel in Gudbrandsdalen) 2. Where we ended up in Norway 3. Emigrants

  • Map of part of Gudbrandsdalen Map of part of Gudbrandsdalen
  • Kart over Fredrikstad-området Kart over Fredrikstad-området